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How do I know more about GATI-KWE and its services?
This website contains all that you need to know about GATI-KWE Limited.

Click on to specific sections for more deatils

What kind of Logistic solution does GATI-KWE provides?
GATI-KWE provides multimodal Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions across India and APAC
How do I contact GATI-KWE?
You can call us on our call free number 1800-180-4284 or send us an e-mail at customerservice@gatikwe.com
Can I know the location serviced /Transit time / Price charged by GATI-KWE?
Yes, all this information and more has been compiled for you under Quick Online Tools in user friendly way.
How to lodge a complaint on line?
You can lodge any type of complain related to GATI-KWE and also view the replies given by GATI-KWE's Customer Service. Go to Contact Us section to lodge a complaint.
How do I schedule a pick up online?
You can schedule a pickup from any of the location serviced by GATI-KWE. To avail this feature go to My GATI-KWE section and click on Pickup request and fill a small form which contains all the details required for the pick up.
How to become business partners of GATI-KWE?
You can become a franchisee, vendor or associate of GATI-KWE by filling a small form on the site. Go to Join Us to know more about this.
How do I know the Documentation required for each State in India?
Go to Tools section and click on documents required. You will find all information regarding documentation in that section to send shipments to each State of India.
Can GATI-KWE collect payment from the Consignee on my behalf?
Yes, GATI-KWE provides an unique COD (Cash on Delivery) facility to facilitate such transaction on your behalf.