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Temperature Sensitive Services

Your shipment is sensitive to climate. We are sensitive to your requirements.

Redsun provides customized temperature sensitive services across several industry verticals that include healthcare, biopharma, agri-foods, retail and more. We emphasize on having the right combination of packaging, handling procedures, storage, land/air freight services to maintain the quality and retain the freshness of your product just the way it was sent.

Service offering

Pit-stop Express
  • Delivering medicines to patients in the remotest corner of the country has always been a daunting challenge for every pharmaceutical company; as they have to ensure the right temperature is maintained during the transit.
  • To address these challenges GATI-KWE has pioneered “Pit-stop Express”, a unique surface movement service for temperature sensitive consignments, moving through our Indian surface network. Pit-stop express has a network of cold chain units across the country, where the shipments en-route are checked for the right temperature and if required the gel packs are replenished for further transit to the destination Thus, ensuring fast and intact delivery of life saving drugs in a cost effective manner.
  • Seamless connectivity across India
  • Various en route touch points for quality control of the product
  • Shipment temperature ensured by replenishing the consignments with gel packs
  • Trained experience operators to ensure temperature management as per pharmaceutical standards.
  • Equipped with latest vehicle tracking and cargo monitoring solution.
Process cycle
Pit Stop Express