January 19, 2011 — admin

Re-engineering Services

Processes, Technology and Solutions

Gati-KWE is an integrated solution provider that empowers clientele with rigorous analytics for result oriented process improvements and to efficiently adapt to demanding business climate. Gati-KWE solutions are designed to reduce operating costs, support measures to drive revenue growth, and enhance organization value. Our re-engineering solutions identify the price value relationship of products offered through cost reductions and service improvements leading to customer value retention and penetration.


Re Engineering Services

Some of our offerings under re-engineering services include

  • Cost control/reduction in logistic spend
  • IT utilization throughout the supply chain
  • Improving customer service processes – BPO & returns management
  • Cycle time reduction from order to cash
  • Strategic alliances with suppliers/customers
  • Network optimization
  • Expanding distribution
  • Quality improvement through efficient logistics
  • External logistics measurement
  • Logistics support for global expansion