March 28, 2011 — admin

Value Added Services

GATI-KWE offers array of value added services that cater to every need of your business.
  • FOD (Freight-On-Delivery): Payment option at the time of delivery
  • COD (Cash-On-Delivery): Collection of cash on your behalf at the time of delivery which will be remitted to you online
  • DOD (Draft/Cheque-On-Delivery): Collection of draft and cheque from your customer at the time of delivery
  • Documentation Assistance: GATI-KWE will provide information and assistance on Permits forms, legal/statutory requirements including clearance at check posts and documentation
  • Holiday & Sunday Pick-up/Delivery: At GATI-KWE, we respect your commitment of delivery to your customer, be it on a holiday or Sunday that is why we have the option for pick-ups and deliveries on Sundays/holidays,with cut-off time of Saturday
  • Octroi Clearance: A facility to clear Octroi charge on your behalf
  • Tamper-proof transit: Our every vehicle is sealed with a one time lock before the journey to ensure a tamper proof transit for your shipments.