Bala Aghoramurthy

Deputy Managing Director GATI-KWE

Bala Aghoramurthy is the Deputy Managing Director of GATI-KWE. In this role he is responsible for establishing the company’s goals and strategies and providing directional guidance to the workforce. Additionally, Bala will also provide leadership direction to the Gati businesses (ICE). He is also responsible for overseeing budgets; ensuring resources are properly allocated and providing high level supervision to departmental goals and achievements. Bala will also be inducted into the GATI-KWE board.Bala comes with close to 17 years of experience in supply chain management, product development and operational efficiency. Prior to joining Gati, Bala was the General Manager, Supply Chain, Refreshment with Unilever, South Asia. Bala started with Unilever as a Management Trainee in 1998 and has held various leadership positions in the organisation that ranges from technology, product development, manufacturing operations, quality assurance and customer relationships for a wide array of products/divisions of Unilever. In his last role he was a key partner at Unilever Foods & Refreshment Business where he was instrumental in planning long-term growth strategies and focus on both the top-line and bottom-line results.Bala holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology (Chemical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai and a Master’s degree in Science (Chemical Engineering) from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA.

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