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How To Identify The Best Courier Services Companies in India

COVID-19 is unlike anything our generation has seen before. What started off as a health crisis soon snowballed into an economic disaster for countries across the world. While most businesses came to a standstill during lockdown periods, e-commerce witnessed an unprecedented spike, thanks to new social distancing norms. From online purchases to digital transaction, 2020 accelerated the digital transformation by almost five years as per many reports. But all this would not have been possible without courier service companies that gave unwavering support to e-commerce firms in fulfilling customer needs.

While there are hundreds of courier services companies present across India, choosing the best amongst them can be quite tricky. But what exactly is the definition of ‘best’? When we speak about courier service, the first two things that come to mind are how fast it is and how reliable is the company in terms of deliveries. In today’s fast-paced world, every customer wants safe delivery of their items in the shortest possible time. Thus the best courier service is the one that delivers your products safely and rapidly at the lowest costs. One needs to be extra careful before zeroing upon a courier service because the company that you decide to partner with is going to connect you to your customers. Their performance will determine your customer satisfaction rate and help you safeguard your brand reputation.

To make your search relatively easier, here’s a checklist of features that one should look out for before choosing a suitable partner for your business.

Speed of delivery 

The world around us is constantly moving and that’s why Gen Z wants everything fast. From product sales to brand value, everything is impacted by the speed of delivery of products. For most customers,  fast shipping is not a perk but a basic requirement now. And now with e-commerce giants offering same-day delivery or next-day delivery, you can’t afford to be lax on this aspect. So, if you want to have a competitive edge in today’s market, you need to find a courier service partner that has robust technology and a full-proof strategy.

Company reputation

Before confirming any partnership, it is always advisable that one does thorough background research about the company. There are several well-established companies in the market and often, one gets confused as to which one to choose. A reliable company will ensure that both you and your customers are satisfied. Courier services are the link between you and your customers. As mentioned earlier, customers associate delivery service with your product and brand name. Besides background checks, read the publicly available testimonials or get references from their previous clients.

Shipping cost 

While express delivery is the priority of customers, it shouldn’t come at the cost of profits. Take time in comparing the courier prices of the several companies in the market. It is important to note that not all companies that are budget-friendly have quality shipping. The cost and shipping process are not correlated. There are many courier companies that offer affordable shipping but their services aren’t reliable. Thus, background research is critical to identify the best courier service. Choose a courier partner that has reasonable cost plans and also offer a quality customer service experience.


There is always a possibility of accidents during shipping. Ensure that the company you choose is able to manage your goods, has a secure insurance policy and provides quick relief to the losses incurred. The security of your goods is your topmost priority. Many times, some of the items that you assume will be covered in insurance aren’t necessarily insured. Hence, it is important to study in detail the company’s insurance coverage to make an informed decision. The best courier services will offer you a good and affordable insurance policy for your products.

Tracking options 

Customers today are tech-savvy and want to be updated on their delivery status in real-time. So, choose a courier service partner with advanced tech capabilities which means you as well as the customers are regularly notified about the product location via texts, emails, etc.

How can Gati-KWE help? 

Courier services are an integral part of the logistics and supply chain network. They help businesses network and connect to customers home and abroad. With covid still looming large in our lives, people continue to shop online from the convenience and safety of their homes. In fact, according to several surveys, online shopping is the way forward and there’s no looking back from here, i.e. the demand for courier services will continue to rise.

When it comes to choosing a company, it’s not just about delivery service, but also about building trust and increasing sales. Gati-KWE is a well-known courier service in India, delivering to client expectations always. We know that every business is unique in its own ways and at Gati-KWE, we work collectively to tend to the unique needs of our customers and provide the best courier services. 

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