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Importance of e-commerce logistics in the post pandemic world

e-commerce logistics

There is no denying that the outbreak of novel coronavirus took the entire world by shock. The unprecedented health crisis affected almost every facet of life both on the individual level as well as social and made people embrace some long-lasting lifestyle changes.  One such shift that we witnessed on the individual level was the switch to digital. From buying groceries to paying bills, people found a new companion to beat the lockdown blues. While many industries and businesses stumbled during the tough lockdown days, there was one industry that got a free passage and made the most of the opportunity- e-commerce. With most brick and mortar stores forced to shut down, most of the previously offline buyers too switched to the online mode of shopping.

Interestingly, what earlier seemed to be a temporary phase limited to lockdowns shows no signs of a slowdown. Lockdowns may have been removed but the fear of the virus still looms large. Given the safety and convenience provided by online shopping, e-commerce is here to stay, and it is important that businesses amp up their online presence.

E-commerce- The way forward

While pandemic surely was a catalyst in triggering record e-commerce growth, the sector was evolving rapidly even before the coronavirus outbreak. Convenience is one of the key drivers behind e-commerce growth and the inertia to get out of one’s comfort zone will most likely keep the momentum going on for this industry.

According to IBEF, India is expected to overtake the US and emerge as the second largest e-commerce market by the year 2034.

If we look at the supply side, businesses that were forced to shut down during lockdowns are now considering the online model as a crucial complementary sales alternative. Thus, e-commerce is the present as well as the future and it is now imperative for businesses to ramp up their digital game. Here are some more reasons why having an online presence for your brand is important in the post-pandemic world:

  • Global reach and wide customer base.

With the internet at your disposal, the sky is your limit, literally. Geographical restrictions are no longer a barrier, unlike the traditional brick and mortar stores where you are stuck in a place. Customers can easily find you online and shop whenever and wherever they like. The flexibility and convenience of online shopping are the two major factors that will increase your customer base.  The internet is your oyster. By adopting smart, digital marketing tactics, influencer marketing, and offering a personalized shopping experience, one can reach out to as many people as possible.

  • Cost-effective

Another benefit of e-commerce is that it’s easy on your purse. An online store eliminates the need for a physical one, and you end up saving a lot. A physical store needs regular maintenance, additional staff and heavy rents. However, with an online store, once the algorithm is set, everything is automated and you don’t need to maintain a record of items or check on it constantly. The website does it all for you. With the help of targeted marketing, SEO and paid ads, your store will gain the required traffic. The businesses

  • Customer service 24*7

The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your couch is what drove the demand for e-commerce platforms. One of the major advantages of having a digital store is that it is never shut and customers can walk in whenever they want. Not just this, they can even register their complaints or get their issues resolved without having to wait for long hours.  

While having an online store for your business is critical in the post-pandemic world, it is only half the job done. E-commerce needs to be complemented by e-commerce logistics to make the most of the endless possibilities of a virtual store.

E-commerce logistics- Giving wings to your business

For any online business to thrive and be successful, its logistics need to be planned and executed well. While you may be making world-class products, it comes to nought if it can’t reach the consumer within the stipulated time period. Thus, without a proper e-commerce logistics setup, your conversions are bound to suffer.  Whether you have just begun your online journey or are expanding your portfolio, it could be time to invest in a proper logistics set-up to support your business.

Here are some e-commerce logistics options for your online store 

  • Drop shipping – Also known as direct shipping, several e-merchants opt for drop shipping as you don’t need to own the inventory. While drop shipping may be economical, it isn’t beneficial if you’re looking to attract more customers.
  • In-house management– Managing your own e-commerce logistics can be taxing, but it provides a certain control over your stock and the choice of the transport service provider.
  • Automated logistics platform- An automated platform can give you the certainty of the best shipping process. One can either upload their own contract with a carrier or opt for pre-negotiated rates with affiliated carriers.
  • Outsourcing logistics service provider – Outsourcing your logistics operations to an expert or a third party logistics (3PL) provider is probably a better decision in the long run. Their expertise and experience in warehousing and inventory management, transportation, delivery and other operational tasks can literally give wings to your business.

Gati-KWE at your service

When it comes to outsourcing your business to a 3PL, it is important the logistics service provider is reliable and delivers in times of need. Gati-KWE is one of the top express distribution companies in India, that offers a wide range of services- express logistics, warehousing and supply chain solutions, air freight, etc being some of them.

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