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What is Express Logistics and its significance? 

With the rapid developments in the e-commerce industry, it is imperative that businesses boost their logistics management and provide efficient solutions to customers. One of the key ways to augment business and improve customer service is by adopting express logistics solutions.

Express logistics refer to quick and safe delivery of goods to consumers within a stipulated time limit. The three main pillars of this service are: safety, accuracy, and responsiveness. Safety refers to safe handling of packages; accuracy is on-time and correct delivery; and lastly excellent customer support system 24*7.

Managing the supply chain is a critical success factor for the world’s top companies. The challenge is to both build flexibility and also achieve profitability. The logistics market in India has been flourishing rapidly, and in any market driven economy, knowing the needs of the customers is paramount. As more and more people switch to the online mode of purchasing, it is crucial that businesses strengthen their logistics and delivery services to serve the e-commerce sector. From timely pick up and delivery to safe handling of products to customised solutions and of course round-the-clock customer support, express logistics services ensure that you always have satisfied customers and an edge over your competitors.

Some of the key advantages of having professional express logistics managers include:

1. Better visibility

You might be making the world’s best-designed products, but they mean nothing if you can’t deliver them to your customers in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. Express logistics solutions ensure that your products and services reach your target customers in the manner that you want them to.

2. Cost optimisation

Express logistics can reduce a lot of overhead costs for any business including per-unit production costs, asset management, billing cycle time, and overall supply chain expenditures.

3. Better customer experience

Besides turning your organisation into a lean and efficient business organisation, express logistics solutions can help you gain your customer’s trust for a long-lasting relationship.

The gap and the opportunity

With the pandemic boosting online sales by leaps and bounds, getting the logistics right is critical for every organisation. A recent report by Accenture revealed that the express courier market size reached USD 343 billion during the year 2020. And, this is only going to increase in the coming years. While there’s no dearth of logistics services in India, the sector is plagued by a plethora of service quality issues like sub-standard management mechanism, poor product handling, and warehousing facilities, lack of an effective tracking mechanism, among others.

Therein lies the big opportunity for businesses to bolster their infrastructure with express logistics solutions and provide more convenience and value to their customers. Adoption of new autonomous models could be one of the first steps. Additionally, internal management and operations backed by technology are likely to go a long way in streamlining the delivery processes. For example, discipline needs to be established in the warehouse itself where every product has an RFID tag (barcode), and where records of the data entry and exit are computerised and monitored regularly. This helps businesses plan, forecast, and replenish rosters to keep up with customer demands along with minimising costs and errors.

The new-age customer, however doesn’t just want an efficient supply chain but also customised solutions powered by predictive analytics. Thus, you need a tech-enabled eco-system that boosts both efficiency and also profitability. Express logistics solutions are primarily time-sensitive. Adopting Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning can help make operations more adaptive and responsive to the growing demand.

Also, when it comes to express delivery solutions, it is important that the service provider has access to rail freights, a large volume of transportation as well air freight options. Service providers need to be adept at handling multiple operations at the same time.

Why choose Gati-KWE?

While robust logistics might be critical to your business, not every organisation is capable of arranging resources – both human and monetary – to put in place a separate logistics department. That’s why you need collaborative partnerships with express logistics solution experts like Gati-KWE that offer customised solutions spanning the entire business value chain.

At Gati-KWE, we believe in delivering exceptional service to all our customers by allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we manage the freight. We provide holistic end-to-end express logistics solutions, along with cost-effective, quick, safe, and assured delivery services.

Gati-KWE delivers not only delivers your products but also protects your reputation. Our large network of committed and highly skilled resources comes with rich domain knowledge to support your business. So, you can be assured of your shipments as well as your commitment to your end-consumers with Gati-KWE, one of India’s premier express logistics providers with several feathers in our cap.


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