Adarsh Hegde

Adarsh Hegde, Managing Director, Gati-KWE, is at the helm of the strategic and operational aspects of all its businesses and is responsible for steering the organization to growth and market leadership.

He also serves as the Jt. Managing Director of Allcargo Logistics, where he leads the India business and has been instrumental for success in several global strategic initiatives for business development and collaborative partnerships.

His experience and areas of expertise span diverse logistics verticals and he has to his credit a number of achievements like growing Allcargo’s CFS-ICD network into India’s widest one, leading the company’s Project Logistics division to noteworthy international expansion and paving the way to explore potential avenues for new business.

Mr. Hegde is also a part of the leadership team at ECU Worldwide, Allcargo’s wholly-owned global subsidiary, where he drives business development, international procurement initiatives and organisation-wide planning.

Being part of numerous industry associations and committees, he plays a key role in facilitating critical discussions and deliberations with government, ministry and industry representatives to take decisions in the interests of the logistics industry.

With over two and a half decades of experience in the logistics industry, he believes in leading from the front while also identifying potential young talent and grooming leaders of the future.

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