Excess Baggage

Excess baggage shipping service is a special service offered to the air travellers and frequent flyers, by Gati, for shipping that extra luggage to any destination in India within 24 hours or on assured delivery dates. This service allows extra comfort to the flyers as there will be no hassle of carrying excess travel luggage and paying extra price to the airlines. There might be numerous reasons for you to carry a little bit of excess baggage but that should not spoil your travel experience, so Gati is here to take care of your excess baggage at just prices that are 85% less than what most of the airlines charge.

Air 290/first kg & 90/every additional kg
Surface 580/20kg(min) & 25/additional kg
Surface 440/20kg(min) & 18/additional kg

excess baggage

Rates that are 85% lower than most airlines

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How Excess baggage works:
Excess baggage shipping through Gati happens in 4 simple and easy steps,

  • Book online through pick up request (Fill in all the required fields).
  • Pack it and keep it ready, we will come and pick up your baggage.
  • In-transit – Track and monitor the baggage in real-time.
  • On-time delivery guaranteed.

Just book a day in advance and take advantage of Gati’s Excess baggage service. Absolute solution to transport your luggage safely anywhere across India.

  • Rates that are 85% less than most airlines
  • Next day delivery
  • 15% additional discount on your air ticket
Modes of Payment
  • Freight On Delivery (FOD)**
  • Draft On Delivery (DOD)

*Service Tax as applicable. Conditions Apply
**FOD charges applicable.