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What Is Air Express Shipping?

air express shipping

The consumer and global trade market has flourished into a well-thriving and extremely profitable industry, making businesses go international and a preference for those ventures that enable our deliveries in a lickety-split. Today, although there are several means of shipping goods, airways are considered to be among the quickest, easiest and most convenient options to send time-sensitive consignments and deliverables across national and international borders. But, all of this comes at a price. Air shipping comes with two options: Express and Standard/Freight, depending on transit times, package size, etc.

For many business owners, air freight and air express shipping (also called air couriers) can be interchangeable or mean the same thing. However, air express shipping is a door-to-door solution designed for smaller parcels and lighter packages that are expedited overnight or within the next 3-5 working days. These are usually done by air courier services that have expertise in handling legal compliances on your behalf.

The purpose of using air express shipping is to ensure the quick and safe delivery of items that are either time-sensitive or too valuable to send by other means. Thus, at times when you urgently want to send a letter, a document or a package to someone living in another state or country, air express shipping is the way to go. Generally, air express shipping can deliver packages that weigh less than or equal to 250 kg.

Advantages of Air Express Shipping

The benefits of using air express can be fully realised if the commodity is considered of high value or time-sensitive – like perishable goods or new-to-market products. Apart from the speed of delivery, air express shipping has multiple other advantages such as:

1. Fastest Deliveries with End-to-end Services: 

Courier companies with air express shipping generally have a dedicated tracking establishment in place. Thus, tracking your package and following its promised delivery times is easy. One can comfortably track what flight your package is on when it leaves when it arrives and how long it will take to reach you. Most of the time, any delay in schedule is also communicated clearly by the company.

2. Faster Customs Clearance:

Air express is generally carried out by professionals who are well-versed with the shipping business. They have all the documents required at security checkpoints already in place, and their deliverables meet the criteria required to transport goods by air. Therefore, these shipments are cleared out faster by customs which in turn helps operators and ground handlers to be much more efficient with the cargo.

3. Global Shipping Flexibility: 

Air express means you are open to more locations for delivery. This network of transportation offers a chance for businesses to connect internationally, opening the doors to different parts of the world.

4. Legal Compliance: 

One of the things that are tiring about using air transport for shipping goods is the endless amount of documents one has to procure. However, by opting for a courier service, all the administrative tasks of squaring away the documents are taken care of from their end. As a customer, one only needs to sign a proof of delivery and the rest is taken care of.

How Is Air Express Shipping Different from Air Freight?

Air freight comes quite close to air express shipping in the sense that it refers to the transport of goods by air. Nonetheless, it is important to know the difference between the two from a professional as well as a consumer’s standpoint.

1. Transit Times: 

Essentially, air express is faster than air freight due to the involvement of an air courier company with ties to multiple airports, both national and international. While one can receive a shipment from air express within 3-5 business working days, it can take air freight anywhere around 5-7 or more days to deliver the package.

2. Kind Of Documents:

Based on what you want to ship you need to choose your shipping services. Air express shipping is meant for smaller and lighter goods like documents, private letters and all kinds of printed matter. Thus, paperwork of top priority or urgent matters like the power of attorneys in a life and death situation are sent through air express. Air freight on the other hand carries goods, both small and big.

3. The Size And Weight Of The Document: 

Air express also puts size constraints on the consignment you are willing to ship. These are mostly based on the company you choose and therefore can vary. Generally, packages weighing more than 30 kg or 175 cm are not accepted. Recently, however, express companies have relaxed the size of packages slightly to attract more customers.

4. Delivery Service: 

Air express is a door-to-door delivery system while air freight has been known to be airport-to-airport. Air express, therefore, is done by e-commerce websites that assure international shipping whereas air freight is done by individuals who want to send goods to their friends or relatives overseas.

5. Documentation: 

Air freight is mostly done by individuals and requires documents that airports need to send packages from one place to another like an airway bill. However, air express requires companies to have unique shipping documents like proof of delivery. Usually, there are four copies. One remains with the airport of origin during customs check-in, the second one is attached to the surface of the goods, the third one is to be signed by the recipient and the fourth one remains with the company for internal settlement in cases of disputes.

Gati-KWEs Mileage

In today’s age of same-day or next-day deliveries, we understand that patience is not a virtue anymore. Thus, Gati-KWE brings to you Premium Flexilite – an air express service that is not just fast but cost-effective too.

The USP of Flexilite is that it ships smaller packages for an all-in freight rate. Its unmatched modal network also offers seamless connectivity to take your shipment down to the last mile. The door-to-door delivery service of Gati-KWE promises delivery of your package within 24-48 hours, with live tracking through SMS and email.

We are proud to be one of the few air cargo services offering a 24*7 service level monitoring and customer support for the security and safety of your consignment. For all your time-bound documents, high-value shipments or perishable goods, Gati-KWE’s resourcefulness ensures that you have your package with you, exactly when you want it.

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